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MICROMOTOR & CONTROLLER SYSTEM "G5" accommodates 110/130 volt power supply (220 volt unit is also available) and features on/off switch, a speed control dial (for speeds up to 28,000 rpm), forward and reverse rotation switch, a foot speed control and an overload indicator. Output voltage: DC3-DC30V continuously variable.

Ceramic Deburring Knives improve safety in your plastic and die cast manufacturing environment. The ceramic blade will stay perfectly sharp when working on hard plastic, glass filled nylons, ABS, melamine's, aluminum/zinc die cast parts and brass castings.

DieProfiler PBAX-3500 made in the USA, is the best & most durable filing machine in the market place today, "no-kidding"! Model PBAX-3500 features .0 to .235 inch stroke adjustment, accommodates up to 3/16 shank diameter tooling and is made for use with Foredom or other, similar flexible shaft drive motors.

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Unfortunately, we no longer can offer individual Polishing Stones. All Boride Polishing Stones are  only available in full box QTY's.  A freight charge of US $8.50 will be applied to all orders below $85.00 net value (not exceeding 4 pounds) when shipped (within the *USA) via USPS (Priority Mail) or UPS ground. *Orders exceeding  4 lb in weight, or shipments destined for Alaska or Hawaii shall be billed at the actual shipping cost.                                  

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