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Product Catalog

RO Rough-Out Stone when removing cutter marks on large (bath tub size) molds it requires a coarse grit abrasive stone. Our rough-out stones available in  standard, medium & hard density are ideal when large sized, course grit stones are required. PRICED AND SOLD ONE STONE EACH.

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1 to 11 Stones net price.
1 to 5 boxes (any size/grit in box QTY's) less 7%.
6 to 11 boxes (any size/grit in box Qty's) less 12%.
12 boxes + (any size/grit in box QTY's) less 17%

Please order in box quantities of 12 stones each, thank you.  Individual stones in QTY's of 1 through 11 pcs (all types, sizes & grit) are sold only when available from our current in-house inventory!  NOTE: We have many open boxes on hand, however please do check with us making sure that the type of stone you need is available from an open 12 piece box.  

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