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Product Catalog

Diamond File Assortment only 3" long and 2" 4" & 6" mm wide the diamond  coated surface portion tapers down from 1mm to 0.4mm. Ideal for use with our air operated Filing Machines or Die Profilers for removing of hard/coarse EDM scale or weld marks in deep slots, ribs and fine details (we also offer a "hand held" holder for these files). SOLD ONE FILE EACH OR COMPLETE SET OF 5 FILES:

Click here for Standard Diamond needle files and sets - 120 & 150 grit  Tapered diamond files with "flat" handles,  Diamond "hand" files, 8 1/2" long,  Tapered diamondfiles with "round" handles,  Regular diamond needle files,  Extra thinn flat diamond files for filing machines,  Round & flat shaped files for filing machines,  Diamond files, exclusive for use with our air operated filing machines,  Diamond riffle files for use with Die Profilers,  Diamond grinding points,  Diamond metal foil,  Flex-shaft driven" PBAX-3500 Die Profiler,  Air operated Filing Machines.

Click here for  Regular diamond needle files and sets  

1 file (or set) net price
2 to 5 files (or sets) less 4%
6 files + (or sets) less 8%

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