Die Profiler PBAX-3500 Our made in USA Die Profiler (Dollar for Dollar) is the best and most durable filing machine available in the marketplace. Model PBAX-3500 will "outlast" most other Die Profilers when used for medium to larger sized polishing applications. Profiler PBAX-3500 features 0 to .235 inch stroke adjustment, accommodates up to 3/16 dia tooling and connects to "Foredom" flexible "Key-Tip" shaft motor including other, similar, drive systems. NOTEWhen used at 2,500 to 3,000 strokes per minute (not exceeding 0.100" stroke length), this unit will provide comfortable handling and extended service for professional polishers.  SOLD ONE UNIT EACH.

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1 to 2 complete units, list price
3+ units, less 3%

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DIE PROFILER "AIR COOLING KIT" individual parts for same
DIE PROFILER "AIR COOLING KIT" individual parts for same : 1

DIE PROFILER & MOTOR SET at special savings
DIE PROFILER & MOTOR SET at special savings : 1

DIE PROFILER PBAX-3500 service/replacement parts
DIE PROFILER PBAX-3500 service/replacement parts : 1

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(1)PK1E Profiler PBAX-3500 (for standard "key" drive shafts)
Profiler PBAX-3500 easily connects to standard
"key ended" flexible shaft drive systems such as Foredom Electric Motors, etc. KIT INCLUDES: 1 DieProfiler, lubricating oil, 2 Hex Key wrenches,
1 spare Hex Head screw.

Technical Data:
STROKE ADJUSTMENT: 0 to .235 inch
SHANK CAPACITY: 1/16 to 3/16 Dia.
NOTE: For a comfortable operating speeds do not exceed 2500/3000 strokes per minute with a stroke length not longer .100"

$ 749.00 (ea.)  
ACK350 Air Cooling Kit for PBAX-3500 Profilers
Our "Air Cooling Kit" is designed to efficiently "cool" the PBAX-3500 Profiler when speeds in excess of 3500 to 4000 strokes (rpm) are desired. Regulated by the "air adjusting valve", the air flow enters the profiler and circulates near bearings and other friction areas within the profilers main body. Cooling the profiler not only creates added comfort during operation but more importantly, it also prolongs the life expectancy of bearings and other crucial fast moving parts of the profiler.

Supplied with "air pressure regulator", swivel couplings and air hoses.

NOTE: Our DieProfiler PBAX-3500 is designed so that the small intake coupling for the optional
"cooling kit" can accommodate "right hand" or
"left hand" use.

$ 245.00 (ea.)  
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