Gunsmith Kit this set of Abrasive Stone Files has been designed for the true "GUNSMITH-PRO" to cut sear angles, true hammer hooks, dress trigger ways and clean slots. We also put together a special PISTOL SMITH KIT to assist truing of hammer hooks, cutting sear angels, cleaning slots and shaping  contours. BOTH KITS ARE PRICED AND SOLD ONE EACH.  

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028951-NGSK New Gunsmith Kit
Kit includes one each of: 1/16x1/2x6 AS-9 220 grit, 1/16x1/2x6 AS-9 400 grit, 1/8x1/4x6 AS-9 220 grit, 1/8x1/4x6 AS-9 400 grit, 1/8x1/4x6 AS-9 600 grit, 1/4x1x6 AS-9 220 grit, 1/4x1x6 AS-9 400 grit, 1/2x1/2x6 AS-9 220 grit, 1/2x1/2x6 AS-9 400 grit, 1/2x1/2x6 AS-9 600 grit, 1/2x1x6 T2 200 grit, 3/8x6 Triangle T2 220 grit, 3/8x6 Triangle T2 400 grit, 1/4x5/16x6 T2 320 grit, 1/4x5/16x6 T2 600 grit, 3/32x1/4x6 T2 220 grit, 3/32x1/4x6 T2 400 grit, 3/32x1/4x6 T2 600 grit and Holder for sizes 1/8x1/4, 1/4x1/4, 1/8x1/2 stones and Holder to cover 1/16x1/4, 1/16x1/2 stones including premium Stoning Oil (one Pint).
$ 109.15 (ea.)  
028964-GSK Gunsmith Kit
For cutting sear angles/truing the hammer hooks:
Includes one each:
1/4x1/2x6 AM8 400 grit
1/4x1/2x6 AM8 600 grit
1/4x1/2x6 900F 900 grit
1/4x6 Tri 900F 900 grit

For dressing trigger ways/cleaning slots: Includes one each:
1/8x1/2x6 GOLD 150 grit
1/8x1/2x6 GOLD 220 grit
1/8x1/2x6 GOLD 320 grit
1/8x1/2x6 GOLD 600 grit
1/4 Tri GOLD 800 grit
$ 63.98 (ea.)  
028966-PSK Pistol Smithing Kit
includes one each of the following stone files:

For cutting the sear angles and truing the hammer hooks we included one each:
1/4x1/2x6 type/grit: AM-8 400, 600, 900-F 900, 1/4x6 Triangle 900-F 900, Triangle GOLD 800

For dressing trigger ways and cleaning slots the kit includes one each of:
1/8x1/2x6 type/grit: GOLD 150, 220, 320, 600

For shaping and contouring (these stone have a fast breakdown) we included one each:
1/8x1/2x6 type/grit: CS-M 150, 220, CS-HD 320
General Use:1/4x1/2x6 type/grit: AM-8 180, 320, GOLD 400, 1/16x1/2x6 type/grit: AM-8 220, 400, 3/8 Round AM-8 320
$ 124.26 (ea.)