Micro Motor & rotary handpiece Set G3  Our premium quality G3 Micro-Motor System is "completely portable" and features a re-chargeable power pack that allows working in areas where a regular power outlets may not be available.  G3 System is designed for a wide range of light grinding, deburring and final finishing operations. Ideal for professional Mold & Die Polishers, Wood Carvers, Orthodontist's, Jewelers & Gunsmiths. NOTE: 

Micro Motor & rotary handpiece Set G5 This high performance combination consists of the G5  controller and a small, but powerful rotary handpiece ideal for deburing, drilling, grinding and polishing. The unit includes a footspeed control pedal and 1/8 & 3/32 collet (1/16 collet optional).  Output voltage is DC3V-DC30V and accomodates variable speed adjustment from 2,000 to 28,000 rpm. 

High Performance Micro Motor Set G7 Our top of the line Micromotor "G7 Set" will surely please every polishing professionals, including Jewelers, Orthodontist's, Gunsmiths and Hobbyist's. The UG43A rotary handpiece produces plenty of power and offers smooth  operating speeds ranging from 5,5000 to 55,000 rpm. Our AC120/130 or AC 230 volt controller with a micro computer on board provides digital displayed speed adjustment including a load indicator and permits "fixed" speed settings while the rotary handpiece features a built-in off/on button for easy operation. Our complete set includes G7 power controller, Rotary Handpiece UG43A and 1/8 or 3mm Collet. SOLD & PRICED ONE UNIT EACH. 

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G3-Set PORTABLE Micro-Moter rotary handpiece kit G3
Model G3 is designed for a wide range of light grinding, deburring and final finishing operations. This unit is ideal for professional Mold/Die Polishers, Wood Fowl Carvers, Orthodontist's, Jewelers, Gunsmiths, Hobbyist's and features 110 volt, 60Hz, DC3V-DC30V for speeds ranging from 2,000 to 20,00 rpm.

The complete unit includes BATTERY CHARGER, ergonomically balanced rotary micro-motor handpiece and 1/8 Collet (3/32, 1/16 or 3mm dia optional), Wrench and Handpiece Cradle. Output voltage: DC2-12V
$ 569.00 (ea.)  
G5-SET Micro-Motor rotary handpiece kit G5
Designed for small to medium type work with on/off switch, speed control for up to 28,000 rpm and forward/reverse rotation with overload indicator. Power Supply: 110/130 or 240 volt, 290gf/cm torque variable output voltage of DC3.

Complete Unit includes well balanced "one-piece construction" Rotary Handpiece with "easy to use" wrenchless chucking mechanism, 1/8 collet and a foot speed control. Speed range is variable from 2,000 to 28,000 RPM. 3/32, 3mm or 1/16 dia. collets are optional.
$ 569.00 (ea.)  
G7-SET Micro-Motor rotary handpiece kit G7
This combination Micro-Motor rotary handpiece Set is designed for Professionals. Plenty of power, smooth operation including "high-tech" features such as digital displayed speed control, and a rotary handpiece with built-in on/off button, makes the G7-SET perfect for most grinding, deburring and polishing jobs.

The included G7-UG43A rotary handpiece (with built-in on/off switch) offers low vibration and maximum speed of up to 35,000 powerfull rpm.
Overall length roughly 6 inches. Maximum body diameter = 1 1/8". Weight: under 225 gram
Includes 1/8 collet and necessary wrenches.
$ 795.00 (ea.)  
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