Foredom Speed Controllers & Service Parts  Foot speed or hand speed controllers allow precise "fine-tuning" of the required speed for specific finishing and polishing operations. Our maintenance kits, individual service parts and lubrication products provide the opportunity to keep your Foredom Tools running in "tip top shape" for many years to come. PRICED AND SOLD 1 ITEM EACH!

Click here for  Foredom Motor hangers & clamps,  Die Profiler PBAX-3500,  Di-Profiler,  Air operated filing & lapping machines,  90 degree rotary handpieces with telescopic extension,  Electric power modules, special priced sets for rotary/reciprocating handpieces,  Foredom flexible shaft motors & motor Kits.

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(1.) Click here for Foredom Rotary Handpieces & Collets $ 0.00 ()  
(3)C-FCT-1 Foot Speed Control (heavy duty) For 110 Volt Motor
This Foredom foot speed control, for 110/130 volt motors, is made from fiber re-enforced plastic material for durability and long life.
$ 44.44 (ea.)  
(4)C-SCT-1 Foot Speed Control for Series S, SR, CC, L & R with Metal Housing
This heavy-duty, metal housing, 110/130 Volt Foot Speed Control permits "fine-tuning" your operating speeds to suit the application.
$ 86.48 (ea.)  
(4..)C-EM1 Manual Speed Control For 110 Volt Motor
This electronic, manual speed control will provide variable speed adjustment for 110/130 volt Series "S", "SR" "CC" & "L" Foredom Motor.
$ 110.25 (ea.)  
(6)S-77N Replacement Sheath (Neoprene)
Neoprene Outer sheath for all Foredom "SR", "L", "S", "CC", & "R" type motors.
NOTE: The photo displays Shaft & Sheath.
$ 33.64 (ea.)  
(6.)S-93 Replacement Flexible Steel Shaft for 1/8 & 1/6 HP Motors
This flexible shaft (39" long) fits all Foredom series L, S, SR, CC, PG, R, K, 900 & 990 motors.

$ 13.21 (ea.)  
(7..)S-77-66  Replacement Sheath (Std. Material) 66" Long $ 21.63 (ea.)  
(7...)S-93-66  Replacement Flexible Steel Shaft (66" long, fits with S-77-66 Sheath) $ 19.22 (ea.)  
(8.)MP119P  Motor Brushes (set of 2)
Replacement brushes (set of 2) for series CC, DD, & MM 110V Foredom motors.
$ 10.81 (ea.)  
(8..)MP2019P  Motor Brushes (Set of 2)
Motor Brushes (Set of 2) for Series 1/8 hp S, SB, SM, SR, SRB & SRM Foredom motors. The brushes can also be used for Series H, HB, HM, AG-1 & AG-2 Foredom motors.
$ 10.81 (ea.)  
(9.)MS10006  Flexible Shaft Grease $ 4.20 (ea.)  
CP10857  Foredom Trigger Switch #FCT1 & SCT1
Trigger Switch 110 Volt for Foredom Foot Controls
$ 13.21 (ea.)  
CP11030  Foredom Bracket
Foredom Bracket
$ 1.80 (ea.)  
H44HT  H.44HT Collet Handpiece, Square Drive
Collet-style handpiece for use with Series SRH, TXH and LXH square drive flex shafts ONLY. Comes with 3/32″, 1/8″, 1/4″ collets.
$ 97.70 (ea.)  
HPCK-0  Chuck Key for handpiece No. 30 $ 7.21 (ea.)  
MP120  Motor Brush Cap for Older Motors
MP120 older 1/8 hp SR, S, and CC motors + TX, TXH, LX, LXH, L, PGX, PG with no label on back
$ 5.20 (ea.)  
MP132P  Foredom Motor set for 1/6 HP Motor
Motor Brushes (Set of 2) for 1/6HP
$ 10.81 (ea.)  
MP133  Foredom Brush Cap for SR, TX, LX Motors
Foredom- MP133 Replacement Motor Brush Cap for SR, SRH, TX, TXH, LX, LXH & PGX
$ 5.20 (ea.)  
MSMK-10 Maintenance Kit for 1/6 HP Series SR Motors
NOTE: All MSMK Motor Maintenance kits for flexshaft machines are suitable for 115 & 230 volt models except where noted. The kits contain: flexible shaft, grease, pair of motor brushes & operator manual.
$ 24.96 (ea.)  
MSMK-8 Maintenance Kit for 1/8 HP Series SR & S Series Motors $ 28.79 (ea.)  
MSMK-9 Maintenance Kit for 1/10 HP Series CC 115 volt Motors $ 29.50 (ea.)  
S-10801TX  S-10801TX Square Drive Sheath 63″ long for SRH, TXH, LXH motors
Replacement 63″ long Heavy Duty outer sheath comes on Series SRH, TXH and LXH motors.
$ 73.79 (ea.)  
S-10823  S-10823 Shaft for SRH, TXH and LXH motors
63-3/4″ long Square Drive inner shaft comes on Series SRH, TXH, and LXH motors.
$ 22.83 (ea.)  
S-77  Sheath for "S" "CC" & "R" Motors
Replacement Sheath (Material Standard)
Outer sheath for all Foredom "S","CC", "SR" & "R" type motors.
$ 18.02 (ea.)  
UA111P Foredom Motor Connector
This item permits connection between the Motor (series TX,SR,S,CC,L and PG) and sheath.
$ 4.20 (ea.)