Foredom Micro-Motor Systems and more: Our electronic control modules supply power to a versatile group of rotating & reciprocating hand pieces used for polishing (and others) by mold & die makers, jewelers, orthodontists & hobbyist's The units feature single or dual outlets but will power only one handpiece at the same time. The photo above details our most popular power controllers including on rotary and one reciprocating hand pieces.  PRICED AND SOLD ONE INDIVIDUAL UNIT EACH OR ONE "SPECIAL PRICED SET" EACH.

Click here for  Reciprocating Profilers & "side to side" swing handpiece,  Ultrasonic polishing machine,  Foot controls, extension cables, tools and service parts,  Spindle collets,  Air operated filing machines,  Foredom  flexible shaft motors,  Complete Rotary Handpieces.   Micro-Motor System G3, G5 & G7

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Foredom Micro-Motor System with pocket size control & rechargeable battery pack for ultimate portability. Provides variable speed up to 30,000 RPM. Handpiece comes with either 2.35mm (3/32") or 1/8" collet.
$ 479.28 (ea.)  
(1) UC501-REUA13A Rotary & Reciprocating Power Module Set.
Select this versatile polishing combination consisting of the UC501C power module, rotary handpiece UA13A (capable up to 30,000 rpm) and your choice of our RE35 (or RE55) reciprocating filing machine (please specify) at an extra 10% savings.

For more specification/details please check out the individual listing for these items.
$ 1,600.00 (ea.)  
(2) UC501C UltraMight Power Module 110 (or 220) volt - Dual Outlet
Accommodates 110/130 volt power supply (power output = 500gf/cm torque) with two (2) recepticals. Unit UC501C features automatic feedback circuitry ensuring constant revolutions under various working conditions and provides variable speed adjustment covering the entire speed range of various, individual "DC driven" handpieces. NOTE: The power module will drive only one handpiece. However, a second handpiece can be connected "on standby" and is ready for use at the "flick of the switch".

NOTE:For 220 Volt system specify "UC503C-EV"
$ 320.00 (ea.)  
(3) UC503C-EV UltraMight Power Module 220 volt - Dual Outlet
Same system as system UC501C above except it is wired for 220/240 volt for use in Europe & Asia.
$ 320.00 (ea.)  
.UC501C-UA13A Dual Power Module with Rotary Handpiece.
Save an extra 5% when you choose this combination consisting of the Ultramight UC50C Dual Control powermodule and UA13A Rotary handpiece!
$ 705.00 (ea.)  
.UC501RE35 Dual Power Module with Profiler RE35
Choose this "winning" combination consisting of the UC501C Dual Control power module and RE35 reciprocating Profiler for an extra savings.
Our RE35 features speed ranges from 420 to 4200 strokes per minute. Adjust stroke length from 0 to 6mm.
$ 1,200.00 (ea.)  
.UC501RE55 Dual Power Module with Profiler RE55
Choose this "winning" combination consisting of the UC501C Dual Control power module and RE55 reciprocating Profiler for an extra 10% savings.
Our RE55 features speeds from 700 to 7000 strokes per minute. The stroke length adjusts from 0 to 2mm.
$ 1,200.00 (ea.)  
0001 More Rotary Handpieces $ 0.00 (ea.)  
0002 Click here for Reciprocating & "Side to Side" swing Handpieces. $ 0.00 (ea.)  
0003 Click here for Foot Controls $ 0.00 (ea.)  
0004 Click here for Spindle Head Collets $ 0.00 (ea.)  
K.1060 Foredom Brushless Micro Rotary Handpiece Kit
Brushless Micromotor Kit with high torque and speed up to 50,000 RPM. 115V or 230V. Handpiece comes with 2.35mm (3/32″) collet installed and 1/8″ collet included. Select Product Option for Power Plug.
$ 668.75 (ea.)