MoldShopTools offers everyday low prices on quality abrasives, polishing tools & equipment, carbide burs, diamond files and more for mold makers, die makers, jewelers, knife makers, gunsmiths, wood carvers and duck carvers. Our online store gives a 10% discount on every order over $25.00. "Multiple items" discounts and free shipping is also available. MoldShopTools has been doing business online safely and securely for more than 15 years and our objective is simple: We wish to make it easy for you to do business with us by offering you quality products and great service at "the lowest possible prices" in the industry.
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DIAMOND FILES  Our unique tapered diamond files permit reach into the most tiniest slots and details. Available in 80, 150, 280 & 400 grit, the files taper down .020". 

CERAMIC DEBURRING KNIVES Improve safety in your plastic & die cast manufacturing environment. Ceramic blades will stay   perfectly sharp when working on hard plas-tic, glass filled nylons, ABS, melamine's, aluminum/zinc die cast parts and brass castings.

DIEPROFILER PBAX-3500  is the best & most durable filing machine available today ("no-kidding")! Made in the USA, DieProfiler Model PBAX-3500 features 0 to .235 inch stroke adjustment, accommodates up to 3/16 shank diameter tooling and is made for use with Foredom or other, similar, flexible shaft drive motors.

MICROMOTOR SYSTEM  Our G3 & G5 Rotary Micromotor Systems are perfect for Mold & Diemakers, Mold & Die Polishers, Wood Carvers, Jewelers, Orthodontist's, Hobbyist's, Gunsmiths & even Nail-Care Professionals. The G3 unit with a "battery operated" power supply can be used for "off the power grid" operation (1/8 and 3/23 collet included). 

DIAMOND COMPOUND - Oil & Water soluble  for Mold & Die Makers. Our "SUPER US" diamond compound  provides the highest concentration of diamond particles in each grade (medium, strong medium, very high and extremely high).  Professional  polishers, mold & diemakers worldwide, prefer to use our "SUPER US" compounds for its "mirror finish" polishing abilities (oil/alcohol, or oil/alcohol/water soluble). 

POLISHING STONES assure fast removal of machine marks and EDM scale while producing a smooth, flawless surface finish. Made for us in the USA by BORIDE ENGINEERED ABRASIVES we have one of the largest selection of quality polishing stones in stock.

SAVE$$$ when you purchase our UltraMight UC550 System for "ultrasonic" and "conventional" polishing. The unit powers an ultrasonic handpiece with up to 22,000 reciprocating strokes per second (length of stroke about .00015"). Using abrasive ceramic, or EDM stones, the handpiece provides perfect tool control for ultrasonic poli-shing on even the tiniest details. The unit also powers "optional" rotary & reciprocating hand tools are also available

DIAMOND NEEDLE FILES  Premium virgin "man made" diamond grains are plated onto precision high strength steel blanks. Each file exposes a full concentration (all sides) of sharp diamond grains for fast stock removal and long wear. "One sided" diamond files are also available.

UTR70-Air Operated Reprocating Filing Machine  Our very popular "hand held" Filing System saves you time when there is a need for polishing and/or filing various details such as molds, dies, foundry and die castings parts. Three other models with longer and/or shorter stroke length, incl. various reciprocating speeds, is also available.


ACTUAL CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS sent to us via email or others:

From Ryan:I just bought some mold polishing stones from you guys to use or finish sanding knife blades. I tried them last night and they work excellent. I'm not sure what to use as lubricant. I had 3-1 so I used that and it worked but I can tell it's not optimal and that I should get something lighter.

From Rob: You were right, we love the UTR-70. Please send my new order for a second one and the diamond files ASAP. Thanks Rob.

How about this one? Ordering from MoldShopTools is like going back in time. You receive "one on one" sincere customer support, getting answers to technical questions very promptly, and with great attitude. Their straight forward and easy to browse website has a vast variety of supreme quality tooling that is in stock and ready to ship immediately. I highly recommend MoldShopTools for a truly refreshing one stop shopping experience. Mike G.

Or this one? Heinz,I received your tools and they worked great. I used the diamond file to shape the small stone. I'm sure I will be buying more tools from you from time to time. Your Website   is great, very easy to use. Thanks for your help, Franklin

Hi, I just wanted to pass on my compliments on the way your company handled my first order. Great emails and even a follow up phone call with a real person! This will not be my last order with your company, rest assured. Respectfully, Ken Erick..........

Hello, I received the stones the other day, good work! I unpacked and used the stones   for the first time today, and I am very impressed with their quality. Thanks for your quality tools and service! regards, Joe 

Here is one we enjoyed receiving from a valued Canadian Customers in BC: Hi  there! My order arrived here on Christmas eve. I am so very pleased and grateful. Wishing you and your team a terrific New Year! Cheers, Patricia  

We purchased some grinders and UTR-70 UltraLaps recently and have been in the business for many years, (I am old), and I am very impressed with the quality of all the items purchased, with the low cost being an added bonus. I also purchased some ceramic stones which are very impressive. Thanks to you and your team. I will be passing your company info to other tool/die makers promoting your products, good job. Sincerely Lee Fry, Tooling Specialist

One Customer responded after purchasing a G5 unit: :"Everything is working perfectly; please let Heinz know. I would like to order spare collets for the unit."

From a Customer in South Africa: Just to let you know, I have started using the stones I bought from you on SS knife blades, hardness about 62, and I am very satisfied with the results obtained. It is now a pleasure to sand those blades using your stones! Kind Regards, Danie

Here is one from an expert Gunsmith: Thanks! I got the package and used the new files to fit a 1911 barrel. They worked really well and are much more affordable than standard gunsmith files elsewhere.

From one of our good customers in Washington State: We haven't had a lot of molds coming through lately, but my ceramic stones were low. I use a lot of them along with the Boride Stones. Thanks for your awesome customer service. Have a good summer, Connie.