Felt Bobs Our premium quality mounted Felt Polishing Bobs are made in the USA from pure white 100% wool felt (no imperfections). You may select hard, medium and soft density bobs in 5 shapes and mounted on 1/8, 1/4, 3 & 6 mm shank. Certain sizes are also available in flint hard and rock hard. Felt Bobs may be used with diamond polishing compounds or Simichrome Polish to produce high surface finishes on Molds, Dies, Jewelry and many other metal type items. PRICED ONE FELT BOB EACH, SOLD IN BAGS OF 3, 12 OR 144 PCS EACH TYPE/SIZE.

Click here for  1/8 & 3 mm shank felt bob kits,  Knive edge felt wheels,  Square edge felt wheels,  Felt laps & felt sticks,  Felt sheets & blocks,  Diamond compounds,  Simichrome metal polish,  Polishing  brushes.  

3 Felt Bobs, net price
4 to 11 Felt Bobs (same size/type) less 10%
12 to 143 Felt Bobs (same size/type) less 20%
144 Felt Bobs + (same size/type) less 28%


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FELT BOBS - 6 & 3mm shank
FELT BOBS - 6 & 3mm shank : 1

FELT BOBS, 1/4 shank
FELT BOBS, 1/4 shank : 1

FELT BOBS, 1/8 shank
FELT BOBS, 1/8 shank : 1

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